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ppiras's Journal

People Participating in Random Acts of Silliness
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P.P.I.R.A.S. (pronounced like the paper)

People Participating in Random Acts of Silliness

Share your stories, share funny random IM convos, or just be random...

I have a belly button...

P.P.I.R.A.S. Member of the Month Award for June goes to unknownsaint

Congrats, for your great contribution of sillinesss to the club.

...and?, abby hoffman, all your base, andy kaufman, aquaman, ben folds five, bigfoot is blurry, boogers, brak, breast guacamole, broccoli, caca crispies, choppin broccoli, coffeeshops, college university, dorks, dude, duuuude i like vanhalen, eskimo bob, et, floating staples, frozen bananas, gary, geeks, glow worms, gorp, here comes that frog!, horny gingerbread men, i heart pizza, igor, italian ice suicide, its wednesday, jack fest 5000, jihad, jump little children, koala infestations, migrating coconuts, mitch hedberg, monty python, more like van-suck!, mormon ken, mystery science theater 3000, nads, nerds, newgrounds, ninja turtles, no one lists this, nu, optimus prime, patrick, pez, puddle of mudd?! wtf?!, puddle of shiatt, random acts of silliness, regular bananas, rpgs, seabert, silliness, something awful, space ghost, spaghettios, sponge bob, taco bell, this isnt a link, tree hunting, van halen?, weezer, weirdos, woah, yohimbe, zorak