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The names have been changed to protect the innocent.

Original post by "Sally":

I completely forgot about a meeting at work this morning, and I just started my period! WOOHOO!!!!

  • attak: don't worry, you'll hit menopause soon...

    • "Sally": Yeah, just another 30 years...


      • attak well, just think about all the money you'll save in tampons

        • "Sally": Yes, in 30 years. Then I'll have to use that extra money I save on hormones or whatever. Pleh.

          • "Joe": umm...menopause is worse. my mom is a raging bitch at any random time...never know it's coming. also...anime sucks

            • "Sally": It's probably pretty comparable to PMS. Or not, I don't know. That's where the hormones come in though.

            • attak: well, it might be better than having to wear diaper-like things. or even worse, having to stick these huge cotton swab thingies up your cooch.


              • "Sally": .....you're icky

                • attak: hey, i'm not the one who actually does it!

          • attak: well, you could always just get a hysterectomy...
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